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Institute of Economic Research, Kyoto University



■ Appeal for Establishment ■
 Your entry to our membership is recommended, because ISE embraces:
・ developing academic skills first and foremost
・ teaching techniques free from the conventional framework or teaching guidelines
・ non-exclusive membership policy. We welcome anybody from parents, teachers at all grades from elementary school to university, to college students as long as they are interested in education.
Over the years, education today has been mired in many problems; some are so serious and heavy-handed such as bullying, class disruption, deteriorating academic achievement, and so on. These issues require attentions and handling by authorities with due attention to different interest and standings of children, parents or guardians, and teachers. ISE would like to take this role, plus the mission of integrating the current education up to the global standards and prepare children with a world-class intelligence and skills. These dual responsibilities will be only realized if creativity and experiences of ISE members are shared and exercised to the maximum. Rounds of discussions among members at ISE are not just useful exchanges of our findings and opinions, but also provide us with an opportunity of rediscovery and communication about the excitement to learn and think. With your precious support, hopefully of as many people as it could be, our stated missions at ISE would be fulfilled, providing more quality education, and society and cultures enriched.

■ Sponsor list 

Special Advisory Board

Tadasu Tachi Kaneka Co. Ex-Chairman


Advisory Board

Lionel McKenzie University of Rochester, Economics
David Pines University of California、Physics
Joyce Tsunoda University of Hawaii、Chemistry
Hiroshi Ezawa Gakushuin University
Hiroshi Ikeda Director of The Japan Association for Research on Testing, Professor Emertus, Rikkyo University
Yasuo Morita Tohoku University
Kazuo Okamoto University of Tokyo
Yoshisuke Ueda Future University-Hakodate


Sponsor go-between

Kiyotaka Doi Graduate School of Human Science and Environment, Hyogo University
Junichi Hirata Ritsumeikan University
Akio Kusui NPO Foundation Sustainable Fellowship International
Hideo Ota Notre Dame Elementary School



Michele Boldrin University of Minnesota
Harrison Cheng University of Southern California
Swapan Dasgupta Dalhousie University
Saber Elaydi Trinity University
Goro Kato California Polytechnic State University
Yasuho Arita Tama Elementary School
Jyunji Asano  Economic Club Corp.
Naoki Ban Fumitane Ban Houtoc association
Kiyotaka Doi Hyogo University
Masahiko Endo Freemaind Co., Ltd.
Hikaru Fujita Risona Guarantee Co., Ltd.
Masayuki Fukao Professor Emertus,Shizuoka University
Masaru Funada Chiba prefectural Funahashi high school
Haruhiko Funahashi Osaka Electro-Communication University
Sosuke Hanaoka Japan Bicycle Promotion Institute Ex-President
Jyunichi Hirata Ritsumeikan University
Toshio Hyodo University of Tokyo
Chikara Ichikawa Tokyo Community School
Kosaku Inagaki Kyoto University
Masashi Ishiwatari Chiba Keaizai University attachment high school
Soichi Ito JFE Techno Research
Tomochika Ito Angel Securities Co., Ltd.
Hideo Kageyama Ritsumeikan University
Makoto Kakebayashi Brazil-Japan Ethanol Co., Ltd.
Noriaki Kamiya Aizu University
Hiroshi Kawakatsu Kagawa University
Takuya Kimura Tohoku University Doctor's course
Naoki Kuramoto Tohoku University Admission center
Akio Kusui NPO Foundation Sustainable Fellowship International
Ryoichi Matsuda University of Tokyo
Kazutoshi Miyazawa Nanzan University
Ryo Nagata Waseda University
Kazuhiro Nakata Advanced level part of Kwansei Gakuin University
Kazuo Nishimura Kyoto University
Mikio Nishizawa IE Institute Co., Ltd.
Tuneharu Okabe Saitama University
Hiroshi Okubo Foundation Japanese Kanji ability authorization society
Fujio Omori Kumamoto University
Hideo Ota Notre Dame Elementary School
Kenichi Saito NPO Foundation thinks about education in the future
Takeo Samaki Doshisha Women's University
Toshio Sawada Tokyo University of Science
Masaru Taga Shiga prefectural Kusatsu east high school
Takeshi Takamizawa Syowa Women's University
Hiroshi Tanaka Osaka University of Commerce
Itsuki Tanaka Gakushuin middle department, advanced course, and university
Sumio Tenme Doctor
Yoshikazu Tobinaga Elegaphy Inc.
Sachiyuki Toeda NPO Foundation Sustainable Fellowship International
Norio Tomono Meiji University
Katsumi Tsutsui Eishinkan
Jyunko Urasaka Doshisha University
Hideki Wada International University of Health and Welfare
Tadashi Yagi Doshisha University
Makoto Yao Kyoto University
Akinobu Yasumoto The Japan Machinery Federation
Masao Yogo Doshisha University
Naoyuki Yoshino Keio University
Masaki Yoshioka Yoshioka Educational Foundation
Koichi Yotsuya Doshisha University
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