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■ Membership ■

 In the International Society for Education, the following activities will be held. Please send the application form to the office after downloading it at the bottom of this page.
 For registration, you need to pay admission fee and annual dues. For regular members, membership fee is 5,000 yen in total (1,500 yen as admission fee and 3,500 yen as annual due).
For supporting members, annual membership fee is 30,000 yen in total (including the admission fee). Please pay to the society account by bank remittance. The bank account is as follows:

Bank account: Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ bank Kyoto Central Branch                 Saving Account                      Account holder's name:Kokusai Kyoiku Gakkai
Account number: 2893103

1. Objective

  The International Society for Education researches the method of the knowledge creation required in a global society of the 21st century in an international and interdisciplinary way.

2. Activities
  The International Society for Education has the following programs.

(1) It performs a variety of research activities for future education that lives through the 21st century.
(2) It improves the study of the education systems, programs and contents introducing recent international and interdisciplinary results of study such as a brain science.
(3) It develops and searches the programs, curriculums and teaching materials for cultivating the leaders who support the environment, peace, and the traditional and the creational culture.

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