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■ ISE Statutes ■

1 Name   

 The name of this society is International Society for Education.

2 Objective

 The International Society for Education researches the method of the knowledge creation required in a global society of the 21st century in an international and interdisciplinary way.

3 Activities

  The International Society for Education has the following programs.
(1) It searches for a future education that lives through the 21st century.
(2) It improves the study of the education systems, programs and contents introducing recent international and interdisciplinary results of study such as a brain science.
(3) It develops and searches the programs, curricula and teaching materials for cultivating the leaders who support the environment, peace, and the traditional and creational culture.
(4) It rewards some excellent education exercises and researches.

4 Membership  

 The members of this society consist of regular members and supporting members.
(1) The regular member must pay a prescribed fee privately by the agreement to the purpose of this society . The supporting members must be the individuals, the corporations or the groups that agree to the purpose of this society, help its activities and pay a prescribed support fee.
・ The procedure for joining the regular membership and the supporting membership is separately prescribed.
・ The matter concerning the membership fee is separately prescribed.

(2) The regular member can secede from this society by notifying it to the society 60 days before, and can do it at the end of the business fiscal year. The regular member secedes for the following reasons.
・ Loss of qualification
・ When a member dies or the adjudication of his/her disappearance is received
・ Expulsion

(3) Even if he/she is a regular member, this society can expel the person through the resolution of the general meeting., when the honor of this society is damaged by the person, or he/she acts against the objectives of this society, or the delivery of the fee is neglected for two years or more.

5 Directors

(1) The following directors are placed in this society. However, the directors receive no reward.
・ One
President (When the president has the accident,the proxy is elected from among the vice president. )
The number of vice president is 5 or less. (The vicepresident assist the presidents.)
・ 15 (or less)
secretaries (The secretaries assist thepresident and the vice president.)
・ 45 (or less)
executive committee members (The executive committee process important issues in this society management.)
・ 3 (or less)
inspectors (The inspectors audit the management and the accounting of this society, and report on the result to the general meeting. )

(2) The method of electing the directors is separately prescribed in the board of directors. It depends on the decision of the board of directors when the society needs to replenish a director during the director's term of office.

(3) Director's term of office is assumed to be two years. However, it is possible to be reappointed.
・ The director assumes that he continues and does the duty until the successor takes over the position even after the term expires.
・ The director elected as alternate member must do the duty during predecessor's remaining terms of office.

6 Management

(1) This society engages in a joint research with overseas research institutions. The research is performed in cooperation with The Consortium of 21st Century Education.

(2) This society does the activities for general public, such as publication, lecture meetings and training sessions, etc, inside and outside the country.
These activities are managed mainly by NPO "Sustainable Fellowship International."

7 Advisers 

 It is possible to staff advisers in this society and to let some of them special counselors.
(1) The chairman entrusts advisers with the role after having the agreement of the board of directors.

(2) The advisers respond to the chairman's consultation about matters of weight with this society.

(3) The advisers can give their views by attending a conference.

8 Conference 

(1) Conferences consist of the general meeting, meetings by the board of directors, and by a manager association.

(2) The general meeting is organized by the regular members.
・ The general meeting assumes two kinds of meetings. One is the ordinary general meeting held once in a year and the other is the ad hoc meeting that is held when the chairman admits its necessity, and is summoned by the chairman.
・ The following matters should pass the resolution of the general meeting.
1) Change of regulations of the society
2) Decision or change in business scheme and revenue and expenditure budget
3) Business report and approval of closing of accounts of revenue and expenditure
4) Dissolution
5) The regular member's expulsion
6) Election or dismissal of directors and inspectors
7) Decision of method of property disposal after the society dissolves
8) If there is no attendance of 1/10 or more of the regular members, the general meeting cannot be opened and is resolved for proceedings. However, the regular members who cannot attend the general meeting can entrust his decision to other regular members present with the document. In this case, they are considered to be present as to the matter with the notification beforehand.
9) The chairman is assigned as the chairman of the general meeting. (When he is absent from the meeting, the vice chairman will be the chairman according to the priority order that is decided by the chairman beforehand.
10) Proceedings of the general meeting are decided by the majority of the members present, and in case of a tie, the chairman shall decide the issue.
11) Regular members' right to vote in the general meeting is assumed to be 1 piece respectively.
・ The society will draw up the minutes about proceedings of the general meeting.

(3) The board of directors organizes with the directors (the inspectors are excluded).
・ The meeting by the board of directors is held once a year, and ad hoc meetings by the board of directors are held when the chairman admits its necessity.
・ The following matters should pass the resolution of the general meeting.
1) Matters that should be proposed to the general meeting
2) The rules concerning the fee setting, and its changing and abolishing
3) The setting, changing and abolishing of the rules concerning the following matters.
A. The regular members' membership procedure
B. Matters necessary for manager association, branch, section association, and other committees
C. Additionally, matters necessary for exercise of business of this society
・ Matters concerning research and its presentation
・ Matters concerning editing of organization magazines
・ Matters concerning bill submitted by a member
・ Additionally, matters necessary for executing business of this society

(4) Manager association, committee, branch, and section association.
・ The manager association is set in this society. A necessary matter is separately provided by the manager association.
・ The committee is set in this society. The necessary matters are separately provided by the committee.
・ This society can open the branches in various places. Matters necessary for the branch are as follows.
・ The next section association is set up in this society.
・English language education section association
・Mathematics education section association
・Science education section association
・Spontaneous study section association
・Test evaluation research section association
・Educational policy and social research section association
・International and education research section association
・Social studies education section association
・Japanese language education section association
・ An individual regular member must belong to one of these section associations. It is possible for one member to belong to two or more section associations.
・ Working Group can be set up in each section association.

9 Academic meeting 

  This society holds the following academic meetings.
(1) Annual meeting where the member can make research presentation and discussion.
(2) Lecture meetings that open to the public
(3) Meetings that committees, branches or sections association host
(4) Others

10 Publication

(1) This society publishes the following publications.
・ Organization magazine
・ Other books
(2) To edit the publications of this society, the editing committee by the members is set up.
(3) The rules concerning the contribution to the organization magazine etc. is separately provided.

11 Secretariat

 The secretariat is opened in this society. The secretariat has its office in NPO "Sustainable Fellowship International".

12 Accounting

The business fiscal year of this society is assumed from April 1 every year to
March 31 next year.
(1) The expenditure of this society is covered by the incomes of regular members' fee, the supporting members' contribution, and sales of the organization magazines (The income from advertisement is included), etc.
(2) Pay the fee in a prescribed delivery date in every business fiscal year.
(3) Neither the admission fee nor the dues that are already paid are restored for any reasons.

13 Dissolution and adjustment

(1) The society dissolves for the following reasons.
・ Resolution of the general meeting
・ Bankruptcy
(2) The general meeting elects the liquidator.
(3) The liquidator should establish the property disposal method within six months from the day of assumption, and obtain the resolution of the general meeting.

14 Additional clauses

(1) This regulation of a society is enforced on April 1, 2006.
(2) The terms of office of the directors and advisers at the time of the establishment of the society is assumed until March 31, 2008. The general meeting decides the directors when the society is established based on the recommendation of the establishment preparation association.
(3) The admission fee and the dues when this society is established are as follows. The regular member admission fee is 1,500 yen. Annual membership due of the regular member is 3,500 yen. Annual membership due of the support member is 30,000 yen (one item or more).

Enacted in August 30, 2006

Copyright (C) 2006- International Society for Education. All rights reserved.